% COOL MASK POLYGON Red 70% Beige 30%

POLYGON : Red 70% Beige 30%


Size:20 × 13 cm
Material:Outside(Polyester 100%) Inside(Cotton 100%)
     Ear strap(Cotton/Organic cotton・Polyester・Polyurethane)
Price:¥3,000-(tax excluded)

Our material combines the pliability to hug your face-line
closely, with the softness that will ensure comfort,
while it’s resistance allows these superior face coverings to be
washed and used time and time again.
The straps are made from a gentle organic cotton, and can be
adjusted for a perfect fit, while the inner lining provides
anti-bacterial properties to stop the spread of viruses and
prevent the build-up of bacteria.
When soaked, the material retains moisture, resulting in a
long-lasting cooling effect, making this the perfect
face-covering for summer.

■ Important Care Notes

・Please do not use these products for anything other than their intended purpose.
・Material can cause irritation to the skin of some people. If you notice any abnormalities please cause of use the products and consult your doctor.
・Please take care when washing as colors may run.
・Please do not use fabric softener or chlorine bleach.
・Please avoid using tumble dryers.
・Please wash gently by hand.
・Doe to the nature of the material, products may shrink slightly after washing.
・Please do not iron.
・Please return products to their original shape directly after washing and dry in the shade.
・When using for the first time, please wet and wring a number of times.