Red 70% Beige 30%


Size:One size fits all
Material:Cashmere 100%
Price:¥8,000(tax included price:¥8,800)


The cashmere in %(PERCENT) products is made usimg raw materials form the Bamei region of inner Mongolia, renowned worldwide for the quality of its produce. After being thoroughly inspected, these materials are spun and dyed in Japan, combining their innate quality with world-class expertise and uncompromising standards to make our luxury yarn. Finally, we knit this into the products onto which we are proud to attach our name.

■ Commitment to “Percent”
Soft texture and perfect warmth. Comfortable to wear, and not tight or stiff. Japan Quality, made in Japan’s “Glove Town.”

■ Whole garment
As a seamlessly-knit product, the whole garment boasts a comfort and fit only found in non-sewn products.

■ Premium fluffy
The fluff is short, so the fibers stand up nicely helping to maintain its fluffiness. The material is lightweight, soft, and warm.

■ Brushed back
The napping, using the fruit of a plant known as the “Chisel,” is a unique, age-old process now used for luxury fabrics. Unlike metal-needle napping, the inner fabric, painstakingly napped by hand, has a soft and pleasant feel on the skin.

■ Self-heating feature
Herbal components (chamomile extract) and capsacin (from peppers) give a warm feel.

■ Made in Japan
Painstakingly crafted one at a time with Japan-made thread by artisans in Japan’s best-known traditional glove-making region with over 120 years of tradition, Higashi-Kagawa, Kagawa Prefecture.

■ Important Care Notes

・ Do not use detergents made with chlorine or hydrogen peroxide.Place inside a washing net and wash using a mild detergent.
・ The most appropriate washing temperature is around 30℃.
・Separate white items and colored items before washing.
・Avoid using in a tumble dryer, and restore to their original shape after washing and dry flat in the shade.
・Do not place close to fire.
・ Different designs provide different feels, so the sizes have been adjusted accordingly.
・ Each one of these products has been created manually by a skilled craftsman, so slight differences in design style and finish will be apparent on all products.
・ Stated products specifications may be changed without prior notice.